Windows Dining Re-Opens

Windows with distanced seating
The 6′ Rule

The Windows Dining Room is opening tomorrow, July 1. For so many, the shared evening meal was the highlight of the day. Time together with friends in conversation, swapping news while waiting on the benches, just seeing who was in the dining room provided a strong sense of belonging. The sights and smells, and sometimes even sounds, of food enhance comfortable companionship. It’s been a long wait, and caution is everywhere.

New practices and protocols are in place. For now, only dinner Monday through Saturday, and Sunday brunch are being served. Reservations are required. Except when actually dining, all present will be wearing masks. Strict social distancing will be requested. Residents will be prompted to enter the dining room by cellphone notification once the staff is ready to serve them. Residents will be asked to dine consistently with the same group of people so that there won’t be sharing of anything but good will. Windows will open with a much reduced capacity but it will increase as staff work the wrinkles out of the service procedures. For now, guests are not allowed. As the weather allows, limited outdoor dining will be offered, with a Plan B in place in case of rain. Great progress is being made – Bon Appetit!