Kendal Ducklings Move On

On Wednesday, an annual rite of Spring played out at Kendal with total disregard for COVID. For many years Kendal has provided sanctuary for a mallard duck as she produces her brood. The courtyards are the perfect places to raise little ones – no predators and lots of concerned and interested surrogate parents ! But then the challenge comes. Relocation to the Wild.

This year’s migration was subject to more time pressure than usual as the date for power washing the walls had come. The ducklings were ready. We’d seen them dutifully trailing Mama around the courtyard. It took one net, one box and two agile maintenance team members. But the story played out to its usual happy ending as all were moved to the creek out front.

Now we’re waiting for the nest-full of Mourning Doves at the other end of the courtyard to fly off so we can use the outdoor dining chairs !