The key to successful aging is to engage in activities for the mind, body, and spirit, and to feel a sense of fulfillment in one’s life. Our wellness goals are to motivate, challenge, and inspire residents to live their best life possible, and to prevent injury and illness in order to promote successful aging in place.

The Wellness Program offerings represent a collaboration between the Residents’ Wellness Committee and the Health Services Department. Kendal at Ithaca’s Wellness Program focuses on six aspects of wellness: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Vocational. The programs provide varied opportunities for residents to set and reach personal health and wellness goals. Residents are encouraged to be self-directing for their health and wellness needs and goals. All programs are scheduled through, or supported by, the Health Services Department, the Residents’ Wellness Committee or Rehabilitation Services.

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Would you like to exercise your brain, improve your fitness level, get more involved in your community, learn a new skill, write a memoir or resume a past hobby? Perhaps you’d like to find ways to calm your mind. Wellness coaching can help you focus on what matters most to you.

Wellness is both the state and the pursuit of good health, encompassing all aspects of life; physical, social, emotional vocational and spiritual well-being are all considered in the coaching conversation. Wellness coaching is self-determined and collaborative. Your wellness coach doesn’t tell you what to do or work on, but rather facilitates your own thinking about wellness, focusing and building upon your strengths to create lasting change.

Fitness Center

Kendal at Ithaca offers a wide variety of fitness activities for intense workouts, laid-back stretching, and everything in between. The very popular Balance class features balance exercises and strengthening with elastic bands. A more vigorous workout is Cardio Flex & Strength, which includes aerobics and weight training. A less demanding option offers gentle chair exercises, aptly named Sit to Be Fit. These are some of the general fitness classes that take place in the aerobics room, the pool, or the auditorium. The Health Center also offers several choices. Improving hand-eye coordination and muscle movement can be achieved in Fitness for Cognition.

Fitness staff includes a Healthy Living Coordinator who will work with you to set and achieve fitness goals and a Fitness Coordinator to get you moving well.

  • Cardio machines: recumbent steppers, treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machine.
  • Bicycles: recumbent, stationary, upper and lower body.
  • Keiser Pneumatic Strengthening Equipment
  • Free weights are also available.
  • Outside of the Fitness Center are clay tennis courts, walking trails, gardening opportunities, shuffleboard, croquet, Pickleball, and more.

Health Services

Kendal at Ithaca’s health care programs are designed to help you stay well and maintain your highest level of self-care and independence. Our health care goals are to establish a sense of well-being among all residents and to deliver the finest of services — in the convenient and congenial surroundings of your own community.

Our full continuum of health care for life allows people to face the realities of aging in a positive way, rather than from the viewpoint of illness or disability. Each person benefits from a coordinated approach by the Kendal health care team, which consists of physicians, nurse practitioner, nursing staff, social workers, psychologist and physical, occupational, and speech therapists. The resident is a member of the health care team and an active participant in all health care decisions.

Health services covered by Kendal at Ithaca’s standard contract include:

  • Coordinated, individualized health care program, providing a continuum of care on site for the life of each resident
  • Resident Care Clinic offering preventive health care and pharmacy services
  • Enhanced Assisted Living Residence and skilled nursing care on site
  • Provision of prescription medications listed on our formulary
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy on site
  • Local medical transportation
  • Processing of Medicare and supplemental insurance forms
  • Provision of transportation back to Ithaca if resident becomes ill while traveling in Canada or Mexico.

Fitness Center Classes

Check the array of fitness opportunities available in a typical week.