Fitness Classes


An upbeat aerobics routine designed to strengthen the heart and lungs.

Aerobic Dance

Increases aerobic conditioning through different styles of dance, including Disco, Swing, Salsa, Funk, Bollywood, Tribal, etc.

Aqua Balance & Strength

Low impact class, uses the gentle pressure of the water to improve range of motion

Balancing Act

Utilizes bi- and unilateral movements to improve balance and gait. Chairs will be provided for support if needed.

Belly Dancing

Focuses on a wide range of circular movements to help with pain management and improve bone density.

Body Mechanics

Teaches proper body mechanics to prevent injuries and muscle fatigue.

Cardio Flex & Strength

This class consists of equal parts aerobic exercise and strength training using leg weights and dumbbells. It is a great all-around fitness class incorporating full body strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning and stretching.

Fitness for Cognition

This class offers seated instruction to incorporate hand-eye coordination and muscle movement, resulting in strengthened self-confidence and increased connection with other residents, staff and surroundings.

Total Core

Core strengthening instruction for improved posture, balance, and overall abdominal strength.

Live to Move

Aims to increase cognitive stimulation and memory arousal by incorporating visualization and strengthening activities.

Individualized Ambulation for Health Center Residents

Provides individualized walking with the Healthy Living Coordinator.

Individualized Aqua Training

Personalized gentle aquatic fitness instruction in the pool. A good place to start before attending the Aqua fitness class! (By appointment only)

Open Gym Time

Designated time with the Healthy Living Coordinator to assist with program design and machine orientation, and to get answers to your fitness questions.

Personal Training

One to one instruction unique to you and your fitness goals. Please see Fitness Coordinator to sign up

Sit to Be Fit

This class offers gentle chair exercises for any fitness level. Great for residents with Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and/or back issues.

Strong by Zumba

High-intensity interval training, combining body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometric training moves.


Gentle yoga practice with tailored poses to help with neurological impairments and pain management.