In-Home Services

Maintaining Independence at Home with In-Home Care

Kendal at Ithaca prioritizes residents’ ability to live safely and comfortably in their homes for as long as possible. However, daily life can sometimes become challenging.

Support Services for Independent Living:

A variety of services are available to assist residents with everyday tasks, allowing them to maintain their independence:

  • Medication management: Ensuring residents take medications correctly and on time.
  • Shopping and errands: Assistance with grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and running errands.
  • Transportation: Help with getting to medical appointments.
  • Bill paying: Assistance with managing and paying bills.
  • Pet care: Help with walking, feeding, and caring for pets.
  • Laundry services: Assistance with laundry folding and washing.
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Post-Medical Event Recovery Support

Recovering from medical events at home can be manageable with additional support from an aide. In-home care agencies can provide temporary assistance during this crucial recovery period.

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In-Home Care Options

While Kendal at Ithaca’s contract doesn’t cover in-home care, a local agency maintains an on-site office for residents’ convenience. Additionally, several agencies in the Ithaca area offer in-home support services specifically for Kendal at Ithaca residents.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Residents with long-term care insurance policies can often use their benefits to offset the cost of in-home care services.

Important Note

In-home care is a separate service from the 24-hour care provided within the Kendal at Ithaca Health Center.

Stay in Your Home as Long as Possible

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