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Frequently Asked Questions

A move to Kendal requires a great deal of careful planning and evaluation of information and alternatives. The more you know the better your decision will be. Please become very well informed!

Who Chooses Kendal?

Planners. Doers. Movers. Seekers.

People who want to continue to live life to the fullest – at 68 or 98 years.

What will I find?

Stimulation and community, with new and old friends.

Opportunities for lifelong learning.

A full offering of residential and health services and wellness programs.

Security and freedom.

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Introduce yourself to the Kendal resident experience.

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When should I come?

Sooner rather than later.

Reserve now!

Questions and Answers About Kendal at Ithaca

I have spent more time making this decision than I have on any other in my lifetime. I have never felt so indecisive. Do other people take this long to decide about whether or not to enter Kendal?

This is a decision which must be made with great care and much thought. It has so many facets that it is impossible to manage all of them at once. Some aspects are physical, such as downsizing a lifetime’s accumulation, and others are emotional. The rigors of moving to an unfamiliar area exacerbate the situation. Extended family members are often an important part of the equation. Sorting all this out takes time.

I am worried about living with a large group of people. I really value my privacy and wonder if I can maintain it at Kendal.

Residents and staff are acutely aware of the need for privacy, especially in a large group of people living together. Early on people established the practice of never dropping in on one another, believing that there needed to be a place in everyone’s lives where they could be alone. Both residents and staff adhere to the practice of calling ahead. Eating with a group of people every evening can be wonderful, but there are times people want to be alone. It is a common practice for people to take their meals home occasionally.

Kendal costs a lot of money. I worry that I will run out of funds, or that I will have to change my style of living in order to be there.

Admissions staff do a very careful financial analysis, using figures you supply. We ask you to tell us how much money you need to support your present lifestyle, and we do a 25-year financial projection. We run these projections for a variety of sizes of units, so that you can see where you will be most comfortable. We approve you for admission to Kendal if we believe that your funds will sustain you for the duration of your stay. We are happy to run these projections for anyone considering Kendal.

Why should I come to Kendal now? I am still vigorous and enjoying my home. I think I will wait until I am feeling older and starting to need help.

Residents at Kendal will tell you not to wait too long. They speak of coming while you have the energy to enjoy living at Kendal and of the freedom and improvement in health they are experiencing. “I should have done this sooner,” is a common refrain. Since you must be able to live independently to enter Kendal, it is essential that you not wait for ill health to drive the decision. If you wait until you need Kendal, it may be too late.

The Decision

Deciding to join the Kendal at Ithaca community is described by most residents as the most difficult decision they have ever made.

Once the move has been accomplished, many people say they wish that they had done this sooner. Since there are waiting lists for all sizes of units, it is important to plan ahead. Kendal at Ithaca has procedures in place which make the process a bit easier, and which insure fairness in our dealings with applicants.

The Process

Kendal at Ithaca is designed for older adults who are in good physical health and able to live independently. If you are interested in entering Kendal, you may join the Priority List by completing a Priority Reservation Agreement and making a deposit of $1000. This deposit maintains your position on the Priority List in the order of the date the agreement and deposit are received. The Priority Deposit is fully refundable with interest if you withdraw from the Priority List, and is deducted from your entry fee if you move in. Reserving a place on the Priority List is a preliminary step in applying for admission, and simply secures your position for possible future admission.

Can I smoke at Kendal at Ithaca?

Kendal at Ithaca is part of a tobacco-free community collective between Cortland, Tompkins, and Chenango Counties. The use of tobacco or smoking is not permitted on the campus, however residents may choose to partake in such activities within their private residences.

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