Celebrating Summer on the Green

Photo by Alene Wyatt

Your intrepid reporter did take a break for the holiday, but I had hoped to share this update sooner.

The Residents’ Association of Kendal at Ithaca celebrated summer and the Fourth of July on the Third of July with a carefully managed event. Planning and preparation began weeks ahead, with the challenge of designing an event that was configured to meet all the COVID prevention guidelines.

The event was an outdoor concert. The entertainment was provided by Purple Valley, ‘A good time dance band that plays blues, rock, swing and rockabilly’.

Outdoors was mandatory for accommodating groups larger than six. The central Green lawn outside of Windows Dining Room was chosen as the venue. The grass and walks were marked with temporary paint to indicate where the mandatory six feet distances were. The paved walks provide good surfaces for people with walkers and scooters and there’s lots of grass for those who prefer to lounge a bit more. Finally, many residents could enjoy the concert from their own porch balconies and patios, with friends if distanced appropriately. There was ample access to power for the band.

The concert was captured live on Youtube and broadcast into the Health Center so everyone could enjoy the music.               Betsy