Update for July 21, 2020 A Visitation Success

Distanced Visits on July 20

Although it was quite warm, the weather cooperated with a bright summer day for visiting. A cooling breeze combined with shade keep the visitors comfortable. As shown, we used the porte-cochere at the new main entrance and several tents. Six foot long tables defined the distance requirements. All the visitor slots were filled, meaning that 14 visits occurred. Visitors were limited to two for each resident. The first hour was reserved for visitors from the Kendal at Ithaca community; the second for visitors from off-campus. Visitors had to agree to the conditions under which the visit must be conducted, which adhere to the plan developed. Compliance is being taken seriously. Any violation of the conditions will result in the termination of visiting rights for the duration of the pandemic – quite harsh terms, but deemed necessary.

Perhaps the hardest part of all was needing to suppress that all-too-human instinct to hug each other ! But, discipline was maintained and no violations occurred. Happily, visitation was described as a success by all who participated.