Covid-19 Update for October 16, 2020

Today we utilized our rapid testing capabilities for the first time because some nursing home residents were showing possible COVID symptoms. All residents living in that neighborhood were tested, and two more residents tested positive for COVID-19, one who was exhibiting symptoms and one who is asymptomatic.  These two residents are being moved to rooms with negative pressure.

There were two other residents in another neighborhood with some symptoms but they tested negative.  Both of these neighborhoods will stay on full contact and droplet precautions until these negative rapid tests are confirmed with negative PCR tests through Cayuga Medical Center.   

Last night and this morning we received PCR test results for all residents in assisted living. They were tested on Wednesday and they were all negative. We have not received any more positive staff results since Tuesday.  We will continue to test Health Center residents and all staff twice per week until we go two weeks without a positive test or receive different guidance from New York State Department of Epidemiology.

We are very disappointed to have these additional positive tests.  We continue to do everything in our power to contain this outbreak. 

-Laurie Mante

Executive Director