COVID 19 Update for October 15, 2020

We have not received any new positive COVID diagnoses in the last 24 hours.  We are continuing to monitor results as we receive them.  

The shed you may have noticed installed at the front entrance is in case we go to a single point of entry for the campus.  We have not implemented that at this time.  If we do this, staff will handle deliveries to residents from that point to individual homes to further reduce outside presence on the campus. 

I want to remind everyone that at this time outside deliveries are permitted – please keep them as contact-free as possible.  Deliveries to apartments should come to the South entrance and be appropriately labeled and we will get them to you.

We are asking IL residents to refrain from having visitors on campus.  Visitors who assist with personal care are permitted.

A reminder:  All activities are cancelled at this time unless they can occur virtually.

Thank you for your continued patience with these restrictions.  We continue to test staff and health center residents twice a week.  When we have two weeks without any new cases (assuming there is not a significant change in Tompkins County prevalence), we will begin to relax restrictions.

-Laurie Mante, Executive Director