COVID 19 Update for October 1, 202

COVID 19 Update

This morning a fully vaccinated staff member who was experiencing some mild symptoms tested positive for COVID-19. The staff member worked yesterday on the Owasco Neighborhood in Taughannock House.

We have identified two staff and one resident who may have been close contacts; all were tested and are negative. We will continue to test the close contact staff at the start of each shift and the close contact resident at regular intervals.

Current regulatory guidelines do NOT require us to suspend visitation at this time for the Health Center.

Guidelines for visits are:

  • Visits must occur in the resident room or in the neighborhood courtyard.
  • Visitors must wear masks at all times unless given permission by the resident to remove only in the resident room (we strongly discourage this).
  • Visitors must practice social distancing as much as reasonably possible during visits.

It is possible that our plan of action could change based on the directives of the NYSDOH/CDC Epidemiologist feedback. Group activities and dining are still permitted at this time in Taughannock House.

We will keep you informed of any further developments. It is a reasonable expectation that we will continue to have these isolated cases, and we’ll continue to monitor carefully and contact trace to prevent spread.


Laurie Mante