News from Kendal at Ithaca September 28, 2021

Here we are at the end of September already.

Kendal has been in a pretty stable operating mode, awaiting news about COVID boosters. We now have it ! A booster clinic for those residents and staff who received the Pfizer vaccine is scheduled for October 5, 2021. While it is not mandatory, we hope that many staff will opt to receive it. Ongoing after that date, we shall be able to administer in house and thereby be able to offer it to all new residents and staff that are eligible. You may recall that we had excellent vaccination rates back in January and February when the first round was done.

And, as it’s that time of year, we are also holding our annual flu vaccination clinic tomorrow, September 29. We are getting pretty good at these ‘vaccination clinic’ things !

There’s still a little summer to enjoy !

We have scheduled some educational seminars and an ‘mini open house’ event in the coming weeks. October 15 will bring “Kendal Basics” and November 5 “Contracts 101.” Watch the website under Events for details. The mini open house will be a limited attendance event. Each Marketing team member will be escorting only one prospect party at a time. There will be one round of tours in the morning and another in the afternoon on October 29, 2021. Again, please watch the website for details on how to register.

Be well,