Weekly Wrap up for January 14, 2022

January 14, 2022

Overall, I have a positive report to share today. We now have 7 staff out with confirmed COVID, 6 out with symptoms, pending PCR results. We have seen a decline in the rate of positive tests over the past few days.

We were also able to secure some kN95 masks and have made those available to residents and staff.

On a less positive note, the New York State Department of Health has issued a regulatory requirement that visitors to nursing homes must show evidence of a negative COVID test within 24 hours for a rapid test or 48 hours for a PCR test before they can visit, regardless of their vaccination or booster status. Frequent visitors can show evidence of a negative test every three days. This only applies to visitors to Taughannock House, not Cascadilla House. Evidence can be a photo of a negative test result on a mobile phone, or something printed from a medical provider or lab.
Residents of Kendal who visit Taughannock House are able to get a rapid test here at Kendal. We will also extend the opportunity for outside visitors to get a test here once per week. Those tests will be available at the Main Reception Desk Monday – Friday 9 am – 6:45 pm and on weekends and holidays (including this coming Monday) from 10-11 am and 3-4 pm.

Let’s hope our downward trend in COVID cases holds – please continue to exercise caution as the infection rate in the community continues to be high. A reminder that Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we will be operating on a holiday schedule.

Today, a booster vaccination clinic was held for staff and residents. In all, 33 people, including one resident, received vaccinations today. This means that all Kendal at Ithaca residents have now had their booster shot.

Have a wonderful weekend – looks like some snow is coming our way!