September 7: Masking Update for Kendal at Ithaca

Following the lead of some other local healthcare organizations and acting as we have throughout this COVID era, Kendal at Ithaca has decided to exercise caution to reduce potential COVID exposure. The following decision was taken today:

“Effective tomorrow, 9/8, Kendal at Ithaca staff will be required to mask in resident interactions and common areas. Staff can still dine in congregate settings. We strongly recommend residents to mask in group settings.  We are not instituting mandatory masking for residents at this time or imposing any limits on events, visitors, or room capacities. We have been closely monitoring community infection levels, wastewater results, and hospitalization rates.  With college students back in town and local schools starting this week, we feel this is an important preventive measure to get ahead of any potential outbreaks. We will do this for two weeks and then re-assess community levels of infection.” Laurie Mante, Executive Director, Kendal at Ithaca.