December 22, 2020: A Message for All

This is the message that was shared with our Kendal at Ithaca residents today by our Executive Director, Laurie Mante. I felt the advice was worth sharing as broadly as possible.

Be well, Betsy

                                                                   December 22, 2020

Dear Residents,

I want to remind everyone about holiday gatherings.

 In accordance with the CDC and Department of Health recommendations, we strongly discourage residents and staff from attending holiday gatherings with extended family, non-family members, or anyone outside your “bubble”. 

 If you do choose to host or attend a gathering, please self-isolate yourself from Kendal community members for two weeks after the event. 

 Any indoor socializing where masks are not worn (so any gathering that includes a meal) is considered high risk.  If you choose to accept that risk for yourself, please do not subject other Kendal residents and staff to the after-effects of that risk. 

 A reminder for those that socialize with the same people regularly – it’s important (especially around the holidays) to verify where people have spent their time prior to socializing with them. If someone has attended a gathering, you want to know that before you spend time with them.

Health Center residents are able to receive visitors today, and C House residents are off quarantine – a happy day! 

– Laurie Mante 

Stick with your immediate family this holiday and keep everyone safe !