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Pathways for Wellness

Pathways for Wellness is a free, person-centered program designed to engage, challenge and inspire older adults to live full, healthy and vibrant lives through wellness coaching. Would you like to exercise your brain, improve your fitness level, get more involved in your community, learn a new skill, write a memoir or resume a past hobby? Perhaps you’d like to find ways to calm your mind. Wellness coaching can help you focus on what matters most to you.

Open Gym Time

Residents working with trainers in the Fitness Center.

Wellness is both the state and the pursuit of good health, encompassing all aspects of life; physical, social, emotional vocational and spiritual well-being are all considered in the coaching conversation. Wellness coaching is self-determined and collaborative. Your wellness coach doesn’t tell you what to do or work on, but rather facilitates your own thinking about wellness, focusing and building upon your strengths to create lasting change.



Pickleball Players

Two pickleball players eagerly anticipate the serve.

Kendal at Ithaca offers a wide variety of fitness activities for intense workouts, laid-back stretching, and everything in between. The very popular Balancing Act class features balance exercises and strengthening with elastic bands. A more vigorous workout is Cardio Flex & Strength, which includes aerobics and weight training. A less demanding option offers gentle chair exercises, aptly named Sit to Be Fit. These are some of the general fitness classes that take place in the aerobics room, the pool, or the auditorium. The Health Center also offers several choices. Improving hand-eye coordination and muscle movement can be achieved in Fitness for Cognition. Neuro Yoga with Meditation incorporates tailored poses to help with neurological impairments and pain management. To view the entire fitness calendar and a full list of fitness classes view the PDF here.