A Good Place to Live, a Good Place to Work

To be a good place to live, Kendal needs to be a good place to work, which means supporting staff development.  Kendal managers strive to promote qualified staff from within.  In addition, some staff grow by earning credentials and taking positions in different departments, such as dining or housekeeping staff who have become Certified Nursing Assistants.

Kendal management and residents believe education is a tool to build a better future.  Our Values and Standards state, “A distinctive feature of our education programs is their attention to the employee as a whole person.”  For that reason, we help staff develop communication, conflict resolution, and stress management skills as well as department-specific skills.  For the many staff who use computers here, we provide ongoing training in our computer lab.  Our Staff Development Manager works closely with staff serving on the Education Committee to determine priorities.  Kendal’s commitment to continuing development includes:

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