Embracing Change: Lani's Adventure from Hawaii to Kendal at Ithaca

In 2020, Lani left her family’s home in Hawaii and boarded a plane bound for Ithaca, New York, an area she had no previous affiliation with. Despite moving to an unfamiliar place, she was attracted to Kendal at Ithaca because of its location in the of the Finger Lakes and her previous experience with the lifestyle of a Kendal resident.

“I knew of Kendal at Ithaca because my mother-in-law was part of a Kendal community”, says Lani. “My husband and I would visit her and were drawn to the many intellectual and physical activities available to residents. I thought it would be a great place to be…someday.”

After becoming unexpectedly widowed, Lani chose to make the move sooner rather than later and viewed it as the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She embraced the community with enthusiasm, quickly immersing herself in the many activities and committees available.

Among the various committees and activities across Kendal, Lani was able to find a variety of groups that piqued her interest. “I like to keep busy, so I am part of the Dining Liaison Committee and the future menu planning group that helps the dining team expand their menu options. I also like working with the downsizing committee and being part of the One Kendal-helping friends committee.”

Although Lani initially found it difficult to move without friends or family nearby, she found that Kendal at Ithaca residents were happy to provide suggestions about the services available in the greater Ithaca community. To meet people and learn names, Lani volunteered as a hostess at one of the Kendal Dining rooms and began sitting with different residents each evening during dinner. This approach helped her make great friends, and she now has a group with whom she watches football and plays Mahjong. Lani is adventurous, and when she has the “travel bug” and finds herself wanting to swim with whales or plunge into the Antarctic, her Kendal friends gladly step in to watch her home or take care of her adopted cat Missy.

In her limited free time, Lani enjoys various exercise classes, personal training sessions, bi-weekly quilting club, and the lectures and musical presentations held at the Kendal Auditorium. She also likes to explore the greater Ithaca community and is a talented photographer, cook, and angler.

Lani appreciates being in an environment that continuously encourages a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, she says she is “comforted by the fact that Kendal at Ithaca offers a continuum of care and will be there to take care of her should she ever need higher levels of care.”

When was asked what she would change about her move to Ithaca, Lani said without hesitation “winters… there’s not enough snow.”

We are happy to have you as part of the Kendal Community Lani!