In-Home Services

Our goal is to have our residents able to live safely in their homes for as long as possible and this can sometimes become difficult. Services such as help with medication management, shopping, transportation, bill paying, pet care, laundry, and errand running can make a very positive difference in daily life. Extra assistance while recovering from medical events at home can often be very manageable with the assistance of an aide.

While the Kendal at Ithaca contract does not provide for in-home care we do have an on-site office staffed by a local in-home care agency. This is a convenience for our residents and has enabled many to continue living independently with minimal support. Additionally, there are several agencies in the Ithaca area who do provide support for Kendal at Ithaca residents. Residents who have long term care insurance policies can often apply their benefits towards the cost of home care.

In-Home care is not considered a substitute for the 24 hour care which we provide in our Health Center.

In home services - Resident and aide in kitchen

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