We're Back !

We’re Back !

The turn of the year is often occasion for looking ahead with new resolve. Here at Kendal we are doing so.

The year 2022 wrapped up in grand style with a record number of move-ins taking us to 94% occupancy and seven planned for the first quarter of 2023. I hope this reflects how busy we’ve been and excuses some of the silence on this communication end.

During this same time period, our department migrated to a new Customer Relations Manager – think database system for keeping track of all those people with whom we communicate. Any largescale software tool change involves discovering what has worked and what needs attention. We had our share of each. We also introduced two other new software tools for managing the turnover and move-in process for Admissions and Facility Services to use to improve these areas. And, we also revamped the health review portion of the admissions process to include an in person screening and a medical records submission. Whew !

So, we believe we shall enter 2023 with a full head of steam in terms of energy on the team and interest from prospects. We’ll have this new toolbox to assist us with our mission. I pledge a better focus on communication, especially as there are several exciting new projects underway. Various elements of our broader five year strategic plan are coming into focus. The Café re-vamp project with take center stage soon.

I hope you are looking forward to a rewarding 2023, too !

Be well,

Betsy Schermerhorn