Visitation Update, March 10, 2021

We continue to welcome visitors to both ‘houses’ of our Health Center. In room visitation is preferred, but visits can also take place outside. (Days like today inspire thoughts of sitting in warm breezes and sunshine…)

There are protocols to be followed, and conditions for visitation. If you would like to visit a resident of either Taughannock House or Cascadilla House, please send an email to Kasey Cole,, and she will send back to you a link to the schedule. Please ask any questions you have about the details in that email so that she can provide all the information you need in one response. If you are not familiar with the guidance for visits, be sure to ask for the FAQs about visitation.

For the most part, our re-opening is creeping along with some reduction in restrictions. Residents are enjoying lunch and dinner in the Windows dining room. Meal delivery is still available. Warmer days and longer days are coming, so we expect more residents to be venturing out to come to the Community Center to dine. The tennis courts are melting off; bulbs are peeking up through the bare earth and layers of winter wear are peeling off.

Plans continue for celebrating our 25th anniversary, a most significant milestone for New York State’s first CCRC. We’re still here and strong, with the expectation we’ll be here at least another 25 ! You might want to consider joining us !

Be well, Betsy