Update for October 29, 2020

All Health Center resident results except for one have come back – we are pleased that there are no new positives! Staff results are also showing no new positives. We have not had a positive result since Saturday – so we are at Day 5. We need to get to 14 days with no new positive tests to begin relaxing some restrictions. We’re counting the days, doubling down on vigilance with infection prevention and hoping that we have turned the corner.

A brief update on the status of those who have been directly affected:

All residents who tested positive are doing well. Only the first resident who tested positive was transferred to the hospital for symptom management; no other residents have required hospitalization. The hospitalized resident remains stable.

None of the staff who were positive have required hospitalization. Most have had only mild symptoms, but some are still testing positive despite feeling better. This is not an uncommon situation with people who have tested positive. Sometimes the virus can be detected for as long as 90 days post infection. Unfortunately, one staff member is having persistent symptoms and not feeling well. Department of Health requires a full 14 day quarantine and negative test before an employee may return to work.

We continue to wish for speedy and thorough recoveries for all.