Update for October 26, 2020 - latest version !

A brief update was posted earlier today. This is the end of day update.

No new positive cases today for residents or staff. Good news! Results continue to come in quite quickly with our saliva testing procedures. Even though it’s a little hard for some staff to have to ‘spit’ into a test tube (many of us having endured years of admonition against such practices in public !), we are collectively getting better. For the record, it’s more of a ‘drool’ than a ‘spit’.
An Infection Prevention consultant spent the day with us today reviewing our PPE usage, infection prevention processes, seeing the layout of the building and making recommendations. We are always eager to glean as much knowledge as we can from these professionals that have been deployed in the field during this COVID outbreak. Learning from others and gathering best practices means we can deliver even more informed services to our residents and staff. We are grateful for this new knowledge.

We’ve now placed the Seneca neighborhood of the nursing home on full contact and droplet precautions based on the consultant’s recommendations and further tweaked some of our policies and procedures.

Health Center residents were tested for COVID yesterday and today – this round of results will be very important as we are past the likely timeline of conversion for our initial exposures to actual cases, which generally is 8 – 11 days.  So we wait…..and we stay vigilant, using every tool we have to get COVID out of Kendal. Help us get to this goal soon by observing all the recommendations we have provided. Thank you.   -Laurie Mante