Update for November 5, 2020

All sixty-one test results received overnight were negative. So, we are on track for beginning a phased re-opening.

A little more about those window visits. For many people, just having a visual contact with a loved one can express so much. Sure, trying to communicate through glass is difficult. But the Health Center team has developed some ways to enhance the experience. Sometimes the visit is aided by using Facetime on both sides of the glass. Other times, just a small personal amplifier is all that’s needed.

One advantage to window visits is that no testing of the visitor is required. In compliance with NYS regulations, in-person visits to residents of Taughannock House will require prior testing of visitors. Be sure to plan ahead if you are going to visit in person. For information about visitation, please call Kasey Cole at 266-5368.

One disadvantage to window visits as we move through the year will be the inevitable declining weather quality. Many of the visiting venues are relatively protected, however. This week looks like a good time to make a visit to your friends in Cascadilla House weatherwise.

We continue to be on track for a planned re-opening of many campus areas next week. Many activities and amenities can resume with restrictions. We have worked hard to stop this recent outbreak and we need to be mindful about continuing to contain COVID. We anticipate outside visitation to independent living residents will be in the next phase of re-opening. Thank you, all !

  • Betsy Schermerhorn