Update for November 3, 2020

Good news again about testing – this morning we had 93 test results for staff test that were all negative. Most of these were test samples taken yesterday, demonstrating the increased speed that the saliva test gives us. All of Sunday’s tests on Cascadilla House residents (Enhanced Assisted Living residence) are returned and negative, too.

Continuing to get negative reports is encouraging. We are moving forward to opening visitation. The target for re-starting window visits for Cascadilla House is this Thursday. If no new positives are reported, we are further planning to begin in-person visits for Taughannock House (skilled nursing and long-term care) residents next Monday.

Over the weekend, some technology interventions were instituted to combat the increase in cyber attacks on healthcare organizations. There were several unintended consequences. The time clock for staff was in and out of service. For residents in the Health Center, the disruption in internet service was more difficult because it interfered in their FaceTime conversations. This situation is currently receiving the highest priority for resolution.

The New Normal Committee met today to discuss ways that residents could support other residents, especially those in the Health Center. More will be shared about this in future communications.

We ask all denizens of Kendal at Ithaca to be vigilant and stay the course so we remain on track to begin re-opening next week.

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