Update for November 2, 2020

Today is a mixture of positive news and negative news after a quiet weekend.  We’ve gone another 24 hours without a new positive COVID diagnosis among staff or health center residents. 

However, we do have one positive COVID diagnosis in independent living and a second presumed positive (same cottage) awaiting results.  We do not believe that these residents have posed any transmission risk to any other residents and are under quarantine.

These results will not impact our ability to open visitation in the health center or move forward next week with beginning to re-open services on campus, assuming we continue to have no positive tests among staff or health center residents.

As we review our policies regarding COVID avoidance, especially through the lens of experience, we are asking residents in cottages and apartments to please wear a mask whenever a staff member is in your residence – whether cleaning or repairing something – if you are in the same room.

We’ll be sharing information very soon about the New York State visitation guidelines and tentative re-opening plans.

-Laurie Mante