Update for May 27, 2020

After a long week before the holiday weekend, this short week is nearly half over. Last week, the challenge was to respond to the Executive Order requiring all staff of NYS nursing homes be tested twice weekly for COVID-19. An entire program for testing needed to be constructed. Since the testing is being conducted right here on campus for most staff, those staff doing the testing needed to be trained. We are using the nasopharyngeal technique of testing which involves taking a swab sample at the back of the nose – a tear-inducing procedure. Samples are secured in individual plastic bags and packaged for shipping to the laboratory. At this point, only persons with positive tests will be notified by phone of their results. To date, Kendal at Ithaca has had no reported positives. All our efforts, as difficult as they can be, have paid off.

The movement toward re-opening is being managed very cautiously. Everyone is eager to have the restrictions relaxed knowing that few things will be the same. A group has been assigned the task of exploring what the ‘new normal’ will be, at least for the foreseeable future. This is a time to be truly creative and imaginative. We shall be watching closely what the counterparts of our components (beauty salons, restaurants, fitness centers) do in the wider world to create their “NY Forward Safety Plans” and borrow heavily from the successful ones. Our goal continues to be keeping everyone who lives, works or visits at Kendal at Ithaca safe. Please be well.