"New Normal" Committee Meets for First Time

As NYS continues to move into the next phase of reopening, Kendal at Ithaca held the inaugural meeting of its “KAI New Normal” committee. The goal of the committee is to “…guide our way forward by making recommendations about how to open up the community in a way that honors our value of community and need for socialization while minimizing the risk of COVID spread and protecting the health and safety of all, but especially our residents most at risk from infection”, according to Laurie Mante, Executive Director. Five residents serve on the committee along with Laurie and the Directors of Nursing, Dining and Marketing.

Everyone is eager to enjoy some social interaction once again. “Virtual” is serviceable but far from satisfying, as we’ve all learned. A prominent feature of life in community is the social interchange that enriches the experience. Temptation to gather is strong, and the committee has established some guidelines for doing so that maintains the practices that have worked so far to mitigate our risk. To this end, socialization of groups of six or fewer people may occur if: the participants are Kendal at Ithaca residents only; social distancing of six feet is maintained; and there is no sharing of meals, snacks, beverages or utensils.

Since a big part of our success in keeping the virus at bay is by limiting access to our community, no outside (non-resident) visitors may be included. It’s important to safeguard this success: some communities will not allow residents to return to campus if they leave !

Please continue to do your part in keeping us and yourselves safe and healthy. Enjoy the weekend.