Update for May 11, 2020

Last week’s ‘Spirit Day’ theme was the bright colors of the rainbow. But it was highlighted by the presentation of the “Employee Appreciation Fund” check to Laurie Mante, Executive Director, and Greg Sommers, CFO, of Kendal at Ithaca. Twice each year, the residents of Kendal at Ithaca contribute funds through the Residents’ Association to recognize and thank the employees for the work they do. As you know, there is no tipping or other forms of gratuity allowed here on campus.

The funds are distributed based on a formula that takes into account the number of hours someone worked during the prior six month period, based on actual pay periods. The minimum distribution is no less than $25. The leadership team is excluded from this distribution.

The presentation was made with a group of noisy, enthusiastic residents – standing, yes, six feet apart – singing and playing an assortment of musical noisemakers. The big reveal was made in the form of a giant check – the total was more than $90,000. Wow ! a record-breaking amount !

The resident contingent then moved to strategic locations within the building to greet nursing staff at shift change, waving posters, singing, high-fiving and hooting. What an impressive showing.

We thank the residents for their generosity and expressions of gratitude. Be ‘Kendal Strong’ !