Update for March 30, 2020

As we all adjust to the everchanging landscape of life during the time of COVID, one thing is sure. We are seeing much good from many people. Voids created by not working or going to school are filling with lots of creative ways to reach out and join hands across the social distance.

I am so grateful to the many ad hoc and grassroots efforts offered to the residents of Kendal at Ithaca to connect. We are sharing these opportunities with all the residents here at Kendal at Ithaca.

Here’s one example:

“To Whom It May Concern:

This is a great time of uncertainty, but we want to make sure that your residents who may have to aggressively self-isolate still feel connected to the community. We are creating a database of children and teens who want to connect with such residents through video/phone calls, video clips (e.g. reading a book, sharing a talent), or sending letters/artwork (through email or mail). We are already collaborating with Foodnet Meals on Wheels and Shopping Angels NY to see if this can be combined with their food deliveries, and we are independently reaching out to the nursing homes / assisted living facilities around town. If your members are in need of some spirit-lifting from local kids and teens, please get in touch with me.”

And another:

I’m a PhD student at Cornell University and I contacted Betsy Schermerhorn last week about starting a virtual pen pal service with the grad students at Cornell and residents at Kendal. I have around 15 volunteers ready to embrace this idea and I would like to meet over the phone/video to work out the details with your facility, if you are still interested. I think this is a great opportunity to connect people and mitigate the isolation created by this health crisis in a safe way (everything is virtual!). Hope to hear from you soon”

We most certainly welcome ideas from our ‘extended family’, too. Please write or call if you are inspired. Likewise, if you’d like to be included in any of these activities, let us know.

Many thanks. Enjoy the spring bulbs that are starting to add joy to the retreating winter scenery.