Update for June 22, 2020

As Kendal at Ithaca begins to explore reopening and the New Normal, we’re getting our toes wet – literally ! After an inspection by the Tompkins County Department of Health, our pool has now re-opened. This afternoon, five enthusiastic swimmers were enjoying the briny warmth. Despite it being hot and humid outside, they were happy to be in 85+ degree water !

My question was, “How does one swim with a mask on ?” Turns out that if you are in the pool, you don’t need to wear a mask. If you are on the pool deck or in the locker-room you do need to wear a mask. But the six foot distance markers – in yellow and black striped tape – were very clear and visible, on the deck, the floor and lapped over the edges of the pool.

On a similar note, all of the gathering spaces at Kendal have been measured and the new maximum number of occupants has been calculated so that social distancing can be maintained. Anyone hosting a meeting in any of these rooms will be expected to monitor and guide proper COVID prevention practices. Later this week the committee chairs and Residents’ Association leadership will receive reinforcing training on what these practices are.