Update for June 16, 2020

Ladies Room sinks

What do the MTA and Kendal at Ithaca have in common ?

If you’ve been watching Governor Cuomo’s daily briefings, you know that he’s talked a lot about the MTA, Metropolitan Transit Authority. It is a big deal to clean and sanitize all that rolling stock, not to mention the stations themselves !

So, what do we share ? The opportunity to do construction during a period of low usership !

Kendal at Ithaca has completed a remodeling of the Ladies Room adjacent to the Auditorium. With so few people spending time in the Community Center, it was the ideal chance to close it down and do a make-over. While the changes are cosmetic, and we’ve kept the green theme, it’s a more modern look. The only thing it lacks now is some really appropriate art for the walls, which we’re working on. When the time comes, be sure to give it a look ! Gentlemen, if you’re really interested, arrangements can be made for you to see it.

So, at the same time, we are also doing a renovation to the Auditorium. The big challenge here is to do whatever we can to make the space appear lighter. New lighting, paint, flooring and closet doors will add to the general brightening effect. But, it’s too soon to reveal this new look, so stay tuned.