Update for February 3, 2021

We were informed this morning that a Taughannock House staff member tested positive for COVID-19. We did identify one resident as a potential close contact.

At this time, we feel that the only resident who will be required to be on droplet/contact precautions is the person who was identified as the close contact. We have reached out to the New York State Department of Health and are awaiting to hear back. They may issue different guidance at that time.

I can share that the employee who tested positive, did receive their first round of COVID-19 vaccine last week and was asymptomatic when notified.

All Taughannock House residents have received a rapid test and all results were negative.

Unfortunately, all in-person visitation with Health Center residents will now be suspended for a minimum of 14 days. Window visits and virtual visits are still permitted at this time.

-Laurie Mante