Update for April 6, 2021

News for April 6, 2021

After a hiatus, we are awakening from our hibernation. The status quo has been holding. We have steadily been improving our vaccination numbers among staff. We can now vaccinate community members needing it ourselves through support from our pharmacy. We have re-set our staff vaccination rate goal to 90%, based on the progress we’ve been making. Our Executive Director, Laurie Mante, was invited to speak at a LeadingAge NY event recently to discuss how we achieved such a high vaccination rate among staff. At this point in time, nearly all the new residents joining the community have already received their vaccinations.

The general trend is expansion of the re-opening, with capacities in areas such as fitness and the pool increasing. Residents of Cascadilla House can now enjoy time in the Kendal library 3 days a week. We are planning to expand Windows dining into the area that was the Blue Heron, as demand for in-person dining, and the social interactions that come with that, are increasing.

We once again welcome guests to campus. Those using our outdoor spaces as requested to wear masks and maintain a six foot distance from other groups. Guests are permitted in cottages and apartments. Some conditions still apply for visits to the Health Center; please call Kasey Cole for the latest guidance, 266-5368. We can now also welcome guests to our guest accommodations and we can offer Try Us visits to prospective new residents.

Signs of spring are everywhere and the daffodils and other spring bulbs brighten the walkways. If you are reading this and are curious about Kendal at Ithaca, we shall be offering our “Kendal Basics” informational seminar on April 23. Please call the Marketing Team at 607-266-5300 for more information.

Be well, Betsy