Update: December 30, 2020

Update for December 30, 2020             PART 2

Gratitude at the New Year

I want to acknowledge the role EVERYONE is playing in containing the spread here at Kendal at Ithaca and THANK YOU.  Diligent use of PPE and social distancing, avoiding crowds and large gatherings, frequent testing and using quarantines aggressively are all working.

As the vaccine becomes available to us, I hope you’ll take it. Every member of the Operations Team is getting vaccinated because Herd immunity is our way forward.

In the meantime, the number of people with COVID hospitalized at CMC has doubled in the last week.  That’s not a statistic or an anomaly of data – that’s people sick enough that they can’t manage their symptoms at home.  Doubled. In a week. We all want to make sure that acute medical care is available to everyone who needs it – for any reason -and to insure that, we need to double down.  So please, one more holiday where we stay home, stay safe, and hope that 2021 brings back all the things we’ve been missing.

Thank you for the important role you’ve played in this incredibly challenging year.  I wish all of us a healthy 2021 that eventually brings us family gatherings, socialization with friends, concerts, fairs, parties, celebrations, shopping, restaurants, and lots of hugs!

-Laurie Mante