News for May 14, 2021

Update for Friday, May 14, 2021

A few updates to share this week.  No positive COVID cases still -thankfully!

You may have seen yesterday that the CDC has announced that vaccinated people will not need to wear masks in most places.  New York State has NOT announced their intention to adhere to these new guidelines. There are no changes yet to local or Kendal at Ithaca guidance, but given the new CDC guidelines, it’s likely we’ll see some changes soon.  

The Department of Health was here this week for the standard recertification survey for Taughannock House, the skilled nursing area of the Health Center.  The team exited yesterday, and the results were excellent.  The general part of the survey identified NO deficiencies.   The Life Safety portion of the survey identified two minor issues that were immediately corrected.  Between the pandemic and staff turnover at T House, these outcomes affirm the commitment of the Health Center team and support departments to deliver excellent quality in all areas of service. Staff will be celebrating with an ice cream social today.

Residents are hard at work in the many flower beds gracing our campus. Their efforts are greatly appreciated by all.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Betsy Schermerhorn