Nearly 500 Vaccinated at Kendal at Ithaca

A Landmark Day at Kendal at Ithaca !

On Monday, January, 25, in about five and a half hours, nearly 500 residents and staff received either a first or second dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Monday’s clinic included all independent living residents and those living in the nursing home. It was a day of hope as residents and staff came together to take this positive step forward for our community.

In three weeks, second doses will be given to those who need it. Kendal consciously decided to stagger the staff across these two series of vaccinations to avoid a large-scale absence of staff if many experienced significant side effects. Thankfully, there have been no serious side effects.

Our assisted living residents will be vaccinated on Sunday.

Getting individuals vaccinated is a critical element in limiting and preventing the spread of COVID-19, especially among the vulnerable population for whom we care at Kendal.