March 27, 2020 How Can We Be Helpful ?

We are thinking about all of you every day and hope that you are well and safe.

Much has changed in recent days, but our commitment to you has not.

As we develop ways to stay in touch with you in this new version of life, please tell us what we could do that you would find helpful.


Here’s some ideas:

Providing downsizing tips while you are sitting at home looking at your “stuff”

Information about the Real Estate market from agents in the field

Videos explaining the Kendal at Ithaca Lifecare model and the contracts

Information about the process of joining the community

Testimonials from current residents

Help connecting with Family and Friends over the Internet

An explanation of how the fees work

More about what the people living here do

An update and a little conversation

Anything else ? Please make suggestions – you know better than we what you need now.

We hope to hear from you.

Need contact info? or 607-266-5300.

Thank you,

The Kendal at Ithaca Marketing Team


P.S. The object in the photo is one of several custom ‘hotboxes’ our maintenance team built from common materials they had on hand in the shop to keep food warm as the dining staff run all over campus delivering meals. They are wonderful!