Kendal Kicks Off the Winter Marathon !

The Kendal Marathon is underway. It’s a joint activity of the Resident Wellness Committee and the Staff Wellness and Events Committees. It’s designed to keep us moving this winter. From now until Valentine’s Day, all are urged to log various kinds of activity. The marathon is designed to allow as many as possible to participate in the fun.

A variety of distances for indoor and outdoor walking have been measured and identified. One can accumulate small daily chunks of 3/8ths of a mile by walking three times around the Rose Courtyard or brave the weather and walk the Ring Road for 1.1 miles (only 24 times around are necessary to log the magic 26 miles !)

Swimming, exercising, walking or running elsewhere all count — just log your miles. Successful finishers will be rewarded with a custom Kendal Marathon t-shirt.

Here’s the offical kick-off, walking to the beat of “Sound Off” led by Laurie Mante, Executive Director.

Why not try this at home yourself ? Join us in spirit.

Be well,

Betsy Schermerhorn