Kendal at Ithaca Update for March 18, 2020

Residents and staff at Kendal at Ithaca are learning to navigate the world with COVID-19 present in our county. All regulatory mandates are being followed, and the execution of best practices are evident everywhere among our residents and staff. Kendal’s highest priority is protecting our residents, many of whom are in the high risk cohort, and the dedicated staff who are caring for them. We monitor the changes in regulatory guidance constantly and then take action to comply.

To summarize our current operations:

Visitation to the Health Center (Taughannock House/skilled nursing and long-term care and Cascadilla House/enhanced assisted living residence) is suspended. Exceptions include visitation at the end of life and for cases of extreme emotional distress to a resident.

Congregate dining is actively discouraged but meal service continues with the usual menu and take-out service and at-home delivery.

Everyone entering the Community Center is being screened for risk factors, symptoms and a high fever.

We have requested no visitation to cottages or apartments, except for caregivers.

Policies concerning staff attendance and sick pay are being adjusted for the situation.

The use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is being enforced to safeguard staff and those for whom they are caring.

Gatherings are limited to no more than 10 persons and we ask that all persons observe the ‘social distancing’ guidelines at all times.


Daily information can be found on the residents’ website,, by accessing the KAI TV13/1340 section. Changes in schedules and services will be posted here. We encourage anyone interested in life here at Kendal at Ithaca use this tool to monitor what is happening here.