Kendal at Ithaca Launches New Parkinson's Disease Fitness Program Featuring OhioHealth Delay the Disease

Kendal Charitable Funds provides grants to Kendal Affiliates for the purpose of initiating inventive programs that enrich the lives of older adults outside of their respective communities while also including the Kendal residents.

Kendal at Ithaca was awarded $5,000 for the implementation of “Delay the Disease”. This program is a fitness regimen designed to empower people with Parkinson’s Disease to take control of the disease with daily exercise. It was developed by OhioHealth,

Specific goals for persons in the program are to:

  • Move about with ease and confidence in a crowd
  • Get out of bed or rise from a chair independently
  • Improve handwriting
  • Dress independently
  • Diminish worry that stiffness, slow steps and other symptoms are obvious
  • Regain a sense of moving with normality.

This 12 week program is open to anyone. Persons requiring assistance should plan to bring a companion. The program begins on June 6 and will be held at Kendal at Ithaca on Thursdays at 11:15. The application materials are available HERE and from the Receptionist at Kendal. Persons may join the program at any time during the 12 weeks, but maximum benefits will result from longer participation.

Forms and questions should be addressed to:

Cheryl Welsh

2230 N. Triphammer Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850

607-257-0794 (fax)

607-266-5311 (phone)