COVID 19 Update for October 14, 2020

Since Tuesday afternoon, October 13, we have received COVID test results for 117 staff and 38 residents who are not living in the Health Center with no positive results. All Health Center residents were tested today, we hope to have those results in the next 24 – 48 hours. We do have one employee who is out sick and who had an inconclusive test result. In this particular case, we are waiting for a result from a retest; that employee will be out of work until we get the result.

We currently have many dining staff employees out of work due to potential exposure so we ask for residents to be patient for meal deliveries.  Every 24 hours we go without a positive test is good news!

In the spirit of continuing to deliver services, we are also pleased that we had such a successful flu vaccination clinic for our residents today. As of 2 pm, 206 residents had received their shots. The weather cooperated and we were able to stage people outside of the auditorium and feed them into the auditorium for their actual injection in one door and then out another, maintaining the proper distance.