Each year Kendal at Ithaca’s Wood Shop creates beautiful handmade toys. When completed, the toys are delivered to our neighborhood’s Police Department for distribution to local needy children. This year there were some extra materials, so an additional ten toy trucks were made. The trucks are offered to residents (at a nominal charge of $10 each) as gifts for their grandchildren and great grandchildren. In an era of flimsy plastic toys, these elegant wooden models are widely admired. No paint or finish of any kind is used, and all edges are finely sanded so they are safe for little hands and mouths.

The Wood Shop has a long tradition of creating worthwhile projects. Many newer residents are not aware of the challenging projects they have undertaken. They were the ones that decided to create the perimeter path, to keep residents from walking on the rim road. They also built the wooden bridges that we take for granted. The Wood Shop is a beloved space that has fostered many Kendal projects, large and small. Stop in and learn more!