A Good Day at Kendal at Ithaca, February 15, 2021

Kendal held its third clinic for Independent Living residents, Taughannock House residents and staff today. Just shy of 350 persons received their second dose of vaccine. The clinic ran very smoothly and the weather cooperated.

Cascadilla House residents will receive their second dose next week. Then it will be a matter of keeping up with new additions to the Kendal family – residents and staff – as they join us.

Also good news: All Taughannock House residents were re-tested today (PCR) and we remain on track to re-open visitation on Thursday this week.

We congratulate and thank everyone who was vaccinated. This brings our community much closer to begin some relaxation in restrictions here on campus. Everyone is eager to be more ‘normal’ and the challenge will be to exercise enough restraint to prevent us from slipping backwards.

Be well, Betsy Schermerhorn