Our 36-room Enhanced Assisted Living Residence is a part of our Health Center. This is a part of the Community Center, allowing Health Center residents easy access to community activities.

Life in the Health Center encompasses a variety of social activities (including concerts, movies, parties, and celebrations). Lounges with cozy fireplaces and books provide welcoming nooks where residents may entertain guests. Bird aviaries, fish tanks, jigsaw puzzles, and art exhibits provide opportunities for diversion. In good weather, interior courtyards bloom with color and inviting benches.

Health Center residents have private rooms and baths and bring their own furniture and favorite possessions. Kendal’s noninstitutional design enhances the quality of everyday life: floors are carpeted, there is no public address system, and visiting is not restricted by established hours. Making the decision to move to the Health Center is a team process, and each resident is assured of full partnership in the making of such a decision.

Your health care services are covered by the entry fee and ongoing monthly fees. You are required to maintain Medicare A and B or the equivalent, plus a Medigap insurance policy. Kendal provides the services of a medical insurance clerk who will process your claims and answer questions about benefits. Kendal offers assistance in evaluating your insurance coverage during the admissions process.