Pathways for Wellness

Kendal at Ithaca’s Pathways for Wellness Program focuses on six aspects of wellness: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Vocational. It is a person-centered program to engage, challenge and inspire older adults to live full, healthy and vibrant lives through coaching. It is offered at no cost to Kendal at Ithaca residents.

Wellness coaching can help you focus on what matters most to you. Would you like to exercise your brain, improve your fitness level, get more involved in your community, learn a new skill, write a memoir or resume a past hobby? Perhaps you’d like to find ways to calm your mind. The process is self-determined and collaborative. Your wellness coach doesn’t tell you what to do or work on, but rather facilitates your own thinking about wellness, focusing and building upon your strengths to create lasting change.

Two men cycling


Pathways for Wellness inspires and supports residents to live their best life through goal setting, conversations with a health and wellness coach, and support from an interdisciplinary team. Your goals may be physical, mental, work related, spiritual or concerns about adjusting to life in the Kendal at Ithaca community. If you need some support or direction, Pathways for Wellness will work with you to achieve your goal.